Italian Diary | Moncler Genius

Moncler Genius was the last fashion-related event during the Fashion Week that I had a chance to attend. I have to admit it was one of the most interesting exhibitions I saw. Even though it seemed like a bunch of down jackets exhibited in different settings, there was more than just another fashion collection show.

First of all, what is Moncler Genius? It is a creative hub organized by Moncler which every season gathers a group of designers who create capsule collections in collaboration with the brand. So if you have Valentino’s creative designer Pierpaolo Piccioli in the list of the designers, you are going to see a down jacket transformed into a down gown or something haute-couture. The official website of Moncler Genius best describes the theme behind each collaboration for 2019’s event:

0      MONCLER RICHARD QUINN is prints pushed to the max
1        MONCLER PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI is couture that connects cultures
2        MONCLER 1952 M + VALEXTRA is the laid back spirit
2        MONCLER 1952 W + VALEXTRA is multiplicity as strength
3        MONCLER GRENOBLE is limitless technical freedom
4        MONCLER SIMONE ROCHA is a uniform for nature
5        MONCLER GRAIG GREEN is the distortion of volume
6        MONCLER 1017 ALYX 9SM is a modern take on function and comfort
7        MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUIJIWARA is the metropolitan crossover
8        MONCLER PALM ANGELS is Art Breaking​

Secondly, as I have already mentioned it was not only a simple fashion collection presentation. The event seemed more of a performance, in other words, every room had its own settings that complemented to the theme mentioned in the list. The moment you passed the gates to the building where the event was held, you had 10 entrances to different halls. To get inside you had to wait in a long queue which appeared after our arrival because I went there at 10 a.m. for the fast pass.


Finally, throughout the whole exhibition, the idea of Moncler’s strong marketing strategy didn’t leave me. Down jackets can hardly be chic or extravagant if you think in general. I always imagine them to be like the one people usually sell in Yerevan in small shops with different colors having nearly 3 height sizes with or without the hood. But Moncler takes this idea of a simple down-jacket and invites designers to experiment with the down-jacket fabric. In the end, you get an haute couture gown that you might not wear every day but it is more of an art piece rather than a new trend.


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