Italian Diary | Fendi Street Style

After the Alberta Ferretti’s show, the motivation to participate in other fashion events took my imagination by storm. And if you are not invited to the show as a guest you can always attend the event as a press (or a photographer) – let this be my motto for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

Now, having a lot of deadlines on my Google Calendar and flu that barely lets me stand still on my feet, I headed to Fendi’s show to contemplate another aspect of the fashion industry – Street Style. While in Armenia, the concept of Street Style was merely present, here, during the Fashion Week, you can get extra-attention by being stylish… But who are we lying to? If you want to get extra-attention you need to be “extra,” in every sense. Of course, if you are a celebrity or a model then you are always in the center of public and press attention.

Those well-known photographers who most of the fashion-lovers follow, for instance, AKS, Phil Oh, Tommy Ton, Eddie Newton, and dozens more, post images from the heart of the Fashion Week leaving us in total amazement of how influencers dress. After standing among these photographers and following their work, the Fendi building seemed to have a “secret passage” that allowed all the bloggers and influencers to have a nice short walk around the building so that they would be able to come back to the same place and take a chance on being noticed once more by the photographers. Take two. Also, it was 5 degrees outside with a slight wind and you do expect from guests to make their wardrobe choices in accordance with the weather but apparently, they were running out of winter looks and were forced to come with bodysuits. I assure you they didn’t want to be noticed, feeling the goosebumps on your body is just the new trend.


In contrast to some of the influencers and bloggers who were playing peekaboo, another more professional group of individuals who already have experience in the fashion industry were busy running to another show right after Fendi. Among those individuals were Anna Wintour (of course), Olivia Palermo, Sara Maino, and many more.

Anna Wintour
Olivia Palermo
Ami Suzuki and Aya Suzuki (Amiaya)
Jasmine Sanders

Overall, the street style is quite an interesting phenomenon especially when you encounter people who stay simple in reflecting their own style. Even though it looks good on our Instagram feed, some bloggers and influencers can do nearly anything to get the media’s attention even acquire a certain style which doesn’t have anything to do with their own. And what is the point of the Street Style if it is not authentic and genuine? Show us more than another fashion show look.


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