Italian Diary | Alberta Ferretti Show

It was on February 18th when our university’s administration announced that our course of Fashion Communication and Styling was invited to the Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear show. When everyone realized the “seriousness” of the matter, students began to think of the looks they are going to pull off during that show.

On February 20th, the day of the Alberta Ferretti’s fashion show, after we had a lecture with the co-founder of Luxe.CO, Alicia Yu, our class head distributed invitation cards. Now we had only three hours to get prepared for the show. I was already running late because I had to change three public transport modes to get there. It sounds too far but, in reality, it had to take me 30 minutes. I was running late. The thing is: if you want to see the street style and the whole atmosphere before the beginning of the show you have to show up early at least for 30 minutes. Apparently, I ended up being just in time to wait for another hour because fashion doesn’t like punctuality.


The set up of the outside of the place was “divided” into four entrances: the first were the photographers, the second was the press then the buyers, and the fourth were the guests. While guests were arriving at the show, photographers didn’t lose time to catch all the celebrities and good looking guests near the entrance place. Our course was taking a group photo when I have noticed the first quite well-known figure in the Russian fashion industry – Evelina Khromtchenko. But the surprises didn’t end there. Whenever a celebrity would enter the “press zone” you could distinguish whether that individual was just a fashion figure or a huge celebrity only by the screams of the crowd approaching a specific point of the zone. I have heard only four signs but saw three celebrities. What a time to live in, huh? So there it goes Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni and Anna Dello Russo. By the way, I didn’t see Bella Hadid because of my poor eye vision but, fortunately, the collection was visible to every detail. Important to notice that there was a feeling that most of the people didn’t really care about the show as much as they cared of getting noticed by the press and it left not particularly pleasant impressions on me. But more about the press and the street style on the upcoming Fendi’s Diaries.


Let’s reflect on the most important thing – the collection. It was all about the head-to-toe winter-white mood, mohair coats, cowboy boots, sweaters, and, of course, a pinch of glamour. The masculine touch was present in the uniform-like looks. More pants, fewer skirts, and accessories (golden buttons, leather belts, and bags) which complement the image of an everyday look.

You would ask: Who is going to wear this glamour silver jumpsuit a la “Saturday Night Fever” every day? Well, Albert Ferretti said “Fashion is all about daring to express one’s own unique personality with courage and eccentricity. Nobody wants to look invisible.” Got it? “No” to invisibility. More is more. But it doesn’t mean Billy Porter’s Oscar gown is what you need to stay in the spotlight. Sometimes more is extra and extra is less.



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