Golden Lace 2018 | Yerevan Fashion Week

Once upon a time in a huge and desolate building, there was a show with little fluffy buttons running all over the runway in cute dresses. To be precise and more clear the Golden Lace 2018 Fashion Show was held at the Meridian Expo & Event Centre showcasing hundreds of looks including makeup, accessories, and clothes. And children playing models’ roles a.k.a “the fluffy buttons” added zest to the event. I hope parents will not fix the metaphor used to describe their children because it is said with love and notes of amazement.


The event lasted for three days and, unfortunately, due to the time management, I was only able to attend the final show. But an hour was just right to get enough of the event. The brands I managed to see were Choupette, Stilnyashka, Russian online children’s clothing stores, and Dress Showroom, Elka Fashion Kids, Armenian clothing stores. Since after each brand’s performance young singers were taking over the runway, smoothly following the change of the clothes became complicated. I would like to note that during children’s runway shows it becomes difficult to pay attention to the clothes they wear because children initially turn the audience’s attention on their cute little faces and funny walks. And that what makes these shows more pleasing both for journalists to cover them and for parents to support and watch their children participate in such an event. I remember how mothers sitting in the audience were non-verbally guiding their children along the runway so that they won’t mix the poses and the route. As a side note, children’s age here varies from 3 to 14 ( I guess). One of them even managed to cry and then came back on stage to show his frowning face. Here he is:


Talking about the musical breaks between the brand’s collections, one of the most energetic singers was a girl between the age of 7-10, maybe, who with the lyrics: “Baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight. I love cheap thrills.” drove me into a hysteria. It led me to another thought: everything has its time, be it a makeup or a song choice. Still, the event was colorful and entertaining. As for the clothes that were presented, boys did not get as much attention as girls did in terms of quantity and variety of looks but for me, boys clothing were more down-to-earth and simple.

Throughout the whole event, the smile did not slip from my face. Now, take a look at the photos from the event and decide who did the best pose:




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