Fashion Campus Show 2018

IMG-4807.JPGThe rustling of clothes on the ground floor of the Alexander Hotel in Yerevan reflected the chaotic atmosphere in the dressing room near the presentation hall; models and designers were getting ready for the Fashion Campus Show 2018. This year the invitations took the form of a vinyl record promising a musical evening. While the photographers were immersed in the backstage photoshoots guests slowly took their seats. The show began.

Almost 20 students of the Fashion Campus school have showcased their designs. The themes created by the participants were complemented by the choice of the background music and a certain topic under which the designs supposed to correspond, for instance, Africa or Armenia or just a “Fairytale.” The school has previously collaborated with the Istituto Marangoni, Milan Fashion Campus, and in 2017 Istituto Europeo di Design has joined the list of partners. The founder of the school, Irina Kharatyan, hopes to enlargen the collaboration list and expand the boundaries of the school.

The idea of opening the fashion campus in Yerevan was a spontaneous decision for Irina Kharatyan whose career choice is quite far from the fashion industry – advocate with a degree in Law. The proposal came unexpectedly because the fashion industry in Armenia was not yet developed, and the project did not seem to be a serious matter until Irina Kharatyan decided to put her perseverance and devotion to the idea of opening a fashion school. Nearly 20 students were sent to Italy for a study experience. After the show, Irina Kharatyan told the magazine that “there are two or three brilliant works but it does not mean that they are talented: they are hard-working, creative, and possess a good sense of responsibility. There are thousand character traits that create a strong image of a successful student.” One of the young designers who participated in the show, Greta Khachatryan, who has designed four bridalwear for the show which took her almost 4,5 months to create, shared some thoughts on her works and future plans. The inspiration behind her clothes is “white fairytale.” She explains her choice of bridalwear by simply stating that “she always liked the white color, embroidery, and wedding dresses.” Her interest in this type of dresses came to the point where she doesn’t imagine creating everyday looks. Through self-education and the help of the Fashion Campus teachers in embroidery, Greta implements her ideas. And even though a limited range of materials does influence the transition from her ideas to a real clothing she still finds a way to realize them. Now Greta prepares for her first Oriflame Fashion Week event where she plans to showcase her designs.

Here are photos from the event illustrating students’ works and the general atmosphere:




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