Fashion Forum Yerevan 2018 | Highlights

Let’s leave aside any type of preface for even a not-related-to-fashion-industry person will understand the essence of the Fashion Forum event. But for a side note and to get the facts and dates straight, s’il vous plaît the highlights from the Fashion Forum Yerevan 2018.

  1. The forum was held for three days from June 2nd to 4th at the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies.
  2. More than a dozen professionals in the field of fashion participated in the event by giving power talks around the topics that are closely related with their professions. The majority was foreign professionals.
  3. For the opening ceremony an exhibition named “Offsprings of Noah” was presented which “launched” the whole forum. The exhibition was held at the Aram Khachaturian’s museum where the works of nearly 70 designers including Diaspora Armenians were showcased.
  4. The topic introduced and discussed during the forum included street style photography, social media influencers, international sales, fashion journalism, sustainable production, trend forecasting, PR, and more.

Previous few fashion forums were organized by TheOne event planning organization. This year the Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia took the charge of bringing together the concept of the Fashion Forum and inviting foreign professionals to give talks around the chosen topics.

The editor of Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, Anton Yeremenko, and the creator of the le21eme project as well as the street fashion photographer, Adam Katz Sinding, were also invited. Anton Yeremenko’s presentation served as guidelines for rising practitioners in the fashion industry on how to manage and communicate their fashion brands. It was followed by case illustrations which tried to reflect the level of complexity that fashion journalism and editing, in specific, requires from an individual who has decided to get immersed in this industry. “When you start working in this industry, rose-colored glasses break because you understand that magazine’s finances to some extent limit your decision-making process,” says Anton. Moreover, the success is reached through hard-work and persistence. Anton recalled his experience in the industry when he used to work for two websites one of which was the where he produced video-content for three years. “At this point, I traveled a lot and slept for three hours a day, even got to the hospital because of this. The bottom line is that it will take a lot of work. It’s not that you come, you sit, go to smoke, drink coffee, and write something. You do not have to wait for inspiration to write when you start doing it professionally,” says Anton. His tips for the rising professionals in the fashion journalism industry are as follows:

  • You have to know everything: who is who? You need to know and understand the topic you are going to cover. That being said, the fashion industry should be on the palm of your hand with all its new appointments and business deals.
  • It is not necessary to have a journalism education to write. Anton’s bachelor specialization, for instance, was Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation Systems Engineer. Instead, he suggests reading more and to start with Nora Gal’s “Words Living and Words Dead” to avoid speech errors (for those who write in Russian.)
  • Analyze market to identify advertisers, brands, and other potential partners.

Finally, to circulate the content in the Internet expanses or beyond and effectively advertise it one should set a precedent. In other words, create an event, show or dress a well-known individual so as to create the above-mentioned precedent.

From fashion journalism to photography: Adam Katz Sinding after introducing his overall involvement and devotion to photography shared few stories related to his work that cheered and engaged the audience while he was sliding through his photographs done in Sydney during his recent trip to Australia. He travels 340 days a year and was doing photography for more than 17 years. Adam sees clothes as a means of communication like words that can describe an individual. While the excess of clothes and the pace with which bloggers change their styles throughout the fashion weeks appears to be overwhelming and sometimes incomprehensible for Adam (wearing fur in the heat or sandals during the snow); there is a high risk of misrepresenting oneself through own clothes. The line between advertisement of huge fashion houses such as Gucci or Chanel and the style reached through combining little-known brands is thin enough to turn from a stylish individual to a walking advertisement. That is why Adam considers street style more real than the fashion week looks and suggests to “cultivate your own style.” While he flips through the portrait photos from his works he mentions the importance of the atmosphere over the clothes that blogger, models, and fashionistas wear. Adam rarely instructs someone to stand or walk in a certain way so that the photograph will look in accordance to a setup photoshoot. Because we already have set up images of bloggers on their Instagrams. Speaking of social media: on our question of its influence on the street style photography, Adam thinks that “social media cheapens our work.” People just want content immediately, they don’t care about the quality. Most magazines they just want documentation of this person wearing this look, they want the full look.” Time flies so does the number of street style photographers, even models and other celebrities try their hand in photography.

“Name value is more important than anything else. The more Instagram followers you have the more you worth. That’s the new value.” – Adam

Anton Yeremenko and Adam Katz Sinding left food for thought after their presentations in the frame of the Fashion Forum Yerevan as well as answered many open questions of participants. The idea of organizing a Fashion Forum in Yerevan and inviting professionals from the fashion industry was for sure a starting point for engaging and spreading the mission of the Chamber which is not yet a year old. This initiative has a great potential of becoming a leading club in the Armenian fashion sector and I wish that they will reach their aspirations in the industry.

Here are the photos from the opening exhibition “Offsprings of Noah”:



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