Fashion Diary: Missak HajiAvedikian’s Atelier at Tumo Studio

It was one of those summer days when I was surviving a 40-degree heat with an air conditioner and Internet. Laying on the couch at home under the artificial wind scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, simply killing my precious time. This is what usually happens when the semester turns out to be pretty intense and you still have a lot of events ahead. You need at least a month of a hangover after that.

I was about to turn off my phone when I stumbled upon news from Tumo Center for Creative Technologies about an upcoming atelier with a Lebanese designer Missak HajiAvedikian. At that moment, I felt that my summer is just about to start because nothing can be better than studying what you have been dreaming for quite a long time – fashion.

Having no background in fashion, sewing or drawing I still applied for the atelier, hoping for the best. Fortunately, it did work. I was selected for 3 weeks atelier with Missak HajiAvedikian. My happiness knew no bounds. Of course, the idea that a large gap in knowledge in this area will leave me behind my group did not leave me. However, it is through study and practice that we are moving forward, isn’t it?

Missak HajiAvedikian is a Lebanese designer who graduated ESMOD Beirut and has been creating projects and collections since then. He also teaches at ESMOD Beirut, Creative Space, and LAU. This time his destination was Tumo Studio in Yerevan, which he attended for the second time this year. He has been teaching pattern cutting, construction, mood board creation and much more during these 3 weeks of intensive work and indispensable practice. Here is a short video made during these 3 weeks.

The conditions of participating in this atelier were set pretty clearly: Work hard or go home. Missak HajiAvedikian was not here to give an introductory lecture on fashion. Our task was to create a shirt that won’t fit under an ordinary simple-shirt category. The schedule of the atelier, in brief, was as follows:

1st Week 
– Finding information about a history of a shirt.
– Bringing the photos of the must-have-details of a shirt.
– Finding out through the internet or any other sources the Architecture of 50s/60s.

2nd Week
– Creating Mood Board
– Draping (creating forms using fabric.)
– Preparing 40 sketches.
– Brainstorming and filtering the most favorite sketches and making the final decision.
– Lectures on pattern cutting and construction. Blocks for the project.

3rd Week
-Project Realization

3 weeks sound unrealistic but everything was managed on time. “People here are so lazy!”, says Missak, after we come to a 9 am-class with tired faces or even late. While trying to convince him that in summer days people need to sleep well, I dwell on the thought that the city really wakes up too late.

Surrounded by creative people and a motivating atmosphere, with the help and support of Missak Hajiavedikian, I created this piece:

Here are more photos of our group with their final pieces:




P.S. Looking forward to other impactful workshops organized by Tumo Center for Creative Technologies.


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  1. That’s just perfect ❤ great job tatev

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