2nd “Fashion Forum” Yerevan

Recently, I attended the Fashion Forum event where various speakers held discussions around the fashion industry in Yerevan. During the event, six topics were presented: styling, blogging, modeling, Armenian branding, design, and beauty. Before moving on to the speakers, I would like to point out the idea behind this event. Thanks to The One events founder, Erik Avetisyan, this event is a small step towards raising awareness about fashion in Armenia. As a person who is not professionally involved in the fashion industry but is very interested in fashion (art), I am happy to see that we have such events. The only concern is their quality.

So, let’s begin!



Seda Manukyan

Comparison of models with “a live hanger” and repeatedly pointing out the profession’s level of difficulty were her starting points of describing what modeling means to her. She drew a distinction between particular styles of modeling including défilé (runway walk), artistic studies, photography poses (stop motion), and sport/evening stylistics, elaborating on their meaning as much as their names allowed her. After bringing an example of Naomi Campbell falling on the runway during Vivienne Westwood defile in 1993 as an example of the negative sides of the modeling, she abruptly switched to defining the norms of the height for entering into the modeling industry.


“You cannot create your height, that’s why it matters”

Tapaharvox girl is how she described those people who do not know the basics of the modeling, more precisely: how to walk or work with the camera but are still involved in the industry. As for the overall image of the modeling, in the frame of Armenia, there was not much research done and suggestions presented on how can this sphere be improved in Armenia. Moreover, do we need it to be improved or not?

Anna Demirkhanyan

Anna Demirkhanyan brings another approach towards discussing modeling, by talking about her experience and sharing a small biography with us.  Boyfriend did not let her work in this business | a fight occurs| a birth of a baby | 30 more kilos | a break from modeling. After eight years break, she gets back on the runway with a Beauty Contest for mothers.

She believes that such contests do not indicate “anything.” Instead, they give networking and professional opportunities, along with an understanding of different cultures.

“I love transmitting designer’s breath on the runway. I get positive energy from that,” she says.

She believes that a model should be neat, responsible, and able to adhere a given role. As for her, the demand is what keeps her in the modeling industry, claiming that she is too old for modeling.

During the Q&A session, one of the male guests IMG_5578.JPGasks her,

Do you stick to the diets?

“I am one of those people who can wake up at 2 a.m. eat a cutlet and go to sleep.”

Well, that explains everything, isn’t it? When the man continued asking: How did you lose those 30 kilos that you gained during the pregnancy? She referred to the rhythm of life after the pregnancy that made her skinny.  She did try some diets, but that “did not help.”

What are the problems and differences in Armenia and foreign countries with modeling? Are they different?

One thing that I can point out is that here in Armenia designers and photographers are nursing with models, while there is nothing similar in foreign countries.


Gayaneh Muradyan

The representative of the Maison Gaia brand, Gayaneh Muradyan, initially started with the brief history of the fashion industry which, according to her, started with Maria Antoinette and continued with Jeanne Lanvin, Coco Chanel. She moved on mentioning the Wall Street Crash and Elsa Schiaparelli’s influence on fashion during that period. That’s it for the history of fashion.

As Gayaneh Muradyan presented, there are three types of designers:IMG_5583.JPG

  • Narrators – designs that have a narrative. Those you do not wear every day. For example, Alexander McQueen.
  • Characteristics– there is a muse that inspires the designer. For example, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, and Valentino.
  • Personalists – “one of a kind.” They are not only involved in designing but they also create other products, for example, perfume.

Then she defines types of fashion products among which are accessories, clothes (Haute Couture, Pret-a-Porter, and mass market), and shoes. After saying few sentences about the reason why certain brands do not provide their customers with sales, she then concluded her speech with the presentation of her own hat works. 

Since Rene, too, was going to speak about the trends, maybe it would be better to talk about hats more. If she focused more on her business, and what is the demand for her products in the Armenian market, rather than managing different topics in 20 minutes, it would appear more productive. Between two stools one falls to the ground. 



His aim was to introduce the Spring/Summer 2017 trends. The content was quite informative and well structured. However, it seemed as if he prepared the whole presentation the night before the actual event. Maybe due to nervousness he missed and forgot the name of the designer whose pieces he was presenting. Why not? But then the question arises – is this a school presentation?


Lilit Harutyunyan

“I do not consider myself a blogger, but an Instagram-er.”

Not a good start for presenting the blogging section but it does not even matter, at this point. She believes that it is very important to find the right timing, as well as influencing people by the quality of your images. For instance, after 8 p.m. is her optimal timing for doing her posts. So if you wonder why there is nothing posted earlier than evening hours, then, maybe she is waiting for her time to come. Just kidding.

“If you want to be a blogger, you should not write about yourself. You need to have a separate topic.”


I mean, this is what Chiara Ferragni and Wendy Nguyen do, they talk about fashion, and in no way about themselves. In this case, some specifications would not harm. As for how to become popular, she suggested focusing on PR rather than Black PR. Thanks, it helped.


The whole event seemed to me as if a person called all his “buddies” to say few birthday party wishes about fashion. Instead of making this event an informative one, where we can actually learn something from the speakers, we have a vague approach towards defining and running the structure of the event. Next time it would be better to divide the event into three parts and present it in separate days. Trying to fit everything in two-three hours is nonsense. As if you are trying to fit your beautiful 80 kilos into XS size jeans – this is not going to work…well.

I believe such events should give some benefits to those who choose to attend it. The only thing I reveiled for myself was names of the speakers and their professions. But this is not the case. I do know that this idea can be improved to the point when the price for the tickets will correspond to the quality of the event.


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