T. Enami: Beyond Photography

T. Enami (Enami Nobukuni) is a Japanese photographer born in 1859. He made a series of photos of the early 20th century Japanese life during the reign of Emperor Meiji, using a stereo camera. This camera shoots two images at ones with its two lenses. These images are divided into centimeters to simulate a 3D effect. Later, these photos were painted, and now we can see them in the GIF format. 

T. Enami was Ogawa Kazumasa’s (a well-known photographer) student and later assistant. He opened a studio in Yokohama and also collaborated with another well-known photographer of that period, Tamamura KōzaburōT.Enami was also an Imperial Army Photographer during the Russian-Japanese war.

T.Enami managed to successfully convey everyday life of Japanese people, which in its turn revealed the clothes that they wore during that period. Even though the primary images were in black and white, by giving them colors, T. Enami shows the richness of Japanese national costumes.

3D фото Японии начала 20-го века от фотографа Т. Энами (T. Enami )

Girl with umbrella in snow
The Clam Digger. Ca.1915-22 Gelatin Silver Print
Japanese pack horse carrying two women


Two Geisha and a Maiko in the Middle
Lunch Break on the Honmoku Tidal Flats of Negishi Village, Yokohama

3D фото Японии начала 20-го века от фотографа Т. Энами (T. Enami )

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See the slideshow for other T. Enami works.

Source: http://www.t-enami.org/




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