Benjamin Shine: Magic Tulle

As you have already guessed Fashion is not always about the runways . You do not have to be a well-known designer to enter into this business. As long as you do what you love, and as long as you love what you do, you will find your success in life. The latest Maison Margiela’s ‘Artisanal’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week was a huge success. Whether it was a success for John Galliano or for Maison Margiela, we do not know. However, it will be true to say that it was a success for Benjamin Shine.

One of the looks that were praised during the Paris Fashion Week is the “Face Coat.” This face was made through the collaboration between the Maison Margiela brand and the artist Benjamin Shine. What makes this single piece attractive is the combination of two styles that make the coat appear more as an art piece rather than an everyday clothe.


Fashion magazines did not wait for too long to share their opinion about this show through social media. Thanks to John Galliano’s everlasting creativity the collaboration and the whole collection was a success.

Grazia “Artist Benjamin Shine steals the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week”

The Business of Fashion “The most perfect moment in the collection was the face constructed in tulle by artist Benjamin Shine, bursting out of a long white coat. Chaos is the new perfection.”

Daily Mail “The face design was handmade by artist Benjamin Shine…The coat seems to be the standout from the collection and is all over Instagram.”

In 2015 Benjamin Shine made an art installation ‘The Dance’ at Canberra Centre, Australia. It took him nearly 2000 meters of tulle to make this fabric sculptures. He used various fabrics to “express broader ideas and challenge perceptions.”



This kind of artwork requires more than just diligence and pure interest. As Benjamin Shine refers to the starting point of his career:

“I developed the tulle technique after noticing an old remnant of crumpled tulle on the floor of my studio. The beauty of tones created by the folds in the fabric intrigued me, and I wondered if those pleats could be manipulated to form a recognizable image.”- Banjamin Shine

“I believe limiting our beliefs prevents us from realizing our own potential. It can deter us from even trying something new, but therein lies the opportunity to learn, discover, and grow – and, we hope, be surprised by the outcome. Creativity can be a mysterious thing, but accessing its limitless resources is not a mystery.”- Benjamin Shine

Check out his other works made with tulle fabric:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last but not least is the sculpture he made for his wife on their wedding day.


You can find all Benjamin Shine’s projects by clicking on this website


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