WWW: What Went Wrong?

Sometimes it would be better to let everything go, whether it is norms of high fashion, the limits of imagination, or even gravity. But sometimes it is not. Thanks to those who like breaking rules, we enjoy the most hilarious clothes that the human mind can come up with. Imagination has no limits, and God knows what else we can create in the future.

For now, we have another portion of must-see looks that will probably make your day.


If you are having hard times choosing whether to sleep or prepare for your deadlines, you probably, obviously in the deeper sense, look like this. This is what ambiguity is all about: uncertainty between desire and duty. Anyway it does look very cozy, and it is practical, right? What else do you need for happiness?


This is for all those people who will be celebrating February 14th alone. Even fashion tries hard in comforting their customers on that hardest day of February. Not sure about the first look, which looks pervert, and February 14th must be about pure love, right? No? Okay…


When you do not feel like talking to anyone, and you have to wear NO sign to be more convincing. So useful.


This is the I-don’t-see-anything-please-help situation, which in no way can mean that they are introverts. But at some point, it can mean that they did a wrong career choice.

Overall, there are details in every look that can be used in everyday life, however, we need time to understand what is going on here, and how we should react. In the end, even funny looks have stories to tell us.


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