WWW: What Went Wrong?

The Paris Men’s Fashion Week is finally over, and the turn is for Alta Moda. While impatiently waiting for Dolce & Gabbana’s crew to present their possible masterpieces, I came across a collection that made me burst into a laugh and once more re-think about the real purpose of fashion. The runway is a very good place for designers to show their ideas to the audience. While certain shows fade away from the audience’s mind, others make a memorable impression. However, was it memorable because of its looks or because of the emotions that it left in us? Fashion can be fun, and sometimes it is. It is not only about Elie Saabs’ evening gowns, Alexander Wang’s sport looks, or Dolce Gabbana’s after parties. There always must be a gap, whether it is a political gap, satirical gap, or a funny gap. And by saying gap, we do not mean emptiness. What we mean is temporary renunciation from what is called ‘the luxury.’

Now let’s look at the Rick Owens Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear that amazed me in the funniest way. Everything started very smoothly:

©Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ Indigitalimages.com

It is a quite beautiful collection until we get distracted by a model who is carrying another model on their shoulders. I mean look at this picture!…

It is not comfortable at all. Isn’t she already dead?

Somebody please flip her.

It is definitely not a yoga class.


She definitely regrets choosing modeling business. Internal scream – *Help Me*



©Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ Indigitalimages.com

According to Vogue’s review of this collection, Rick Owens tried to show what a ‘strong woman’ looks like. Moreover, the difficulties of pregnancy are also supposed to be shown in a women carrying another woman backward. This is a very smart move for the designer to show the strength of women in a metaphorical way. The show is a fusion of contemporary art and fashion. It is not only about clothes that create the image, the overall performance and its systematical order are what makes the whole idea ambiguous. The freedom of expression is sometimes more important than the actual collection. Because it takes a courage and confidence to come up with an idea that maybe not accepted by the audience but it still will be the reflection of an individual.

Even though the collection is quite ambiguous, it can serve many purposes. If you want to take a break from the never-ending luxurious collection, Rick Owen’s show can elevate your spirit and mood with its’ funny idea. OR if you want to find inspiration for your future essay on “Freedom of Expression,” this collection again is a good example of a ready-to-show-contemporary-art-piece.

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.


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