Fashion Can Be Fun!

While scrolling through the news feed of Vogue, Harper Bazaar, and other popular fashion magazines, it was very hard to find a pure opinion article on the latest Men’s Fashion collections. It was quite strange considering the fact that this week’s collection had a few, how can we name them, interesting looks? Nope. Hilarious? Yes. Art can take many forms, right? And even though we respect designer’s decisions concerning their collections, sometimes it is very useful to look at fashion not only as an art form but also as a real practical phenomenon. However, when we think about practicality it is hard to imagine certain looks in real life, which makes the whole concept of ‘art’ ridiculous.

For more certainty, we decided to choose specific examples from Milan Men’s Fashion Week as a proof.

DAKS – Fall Winter 2017/18 Photo:

What the hell is wrong with this look? Male corset? Seriously? Okay, at least we can see his face. Hopefully, it does not squeeze anything…The saddest thing about this collection is its’ opening. If we look at the whole collection it won’t seem that ridiculous because the whole mood (not counting this two) is a very formal approach with a slight overtone of creative details.

Moncler Gamme Bleu Photo:

This one is definitely not a representation of comfort. I wonder how long they can walk. Leaving everything aside, and by everything I mean rules of practicality, this looks very creative and fresh. But the word ‘comfort’ hits me so hard I cannot understand how is he going to split if he decides to do so.

Palm Angels, Fashion Show, Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2017 in Milan
Palm Angels Fall Winter 2017 in Milan Credit: Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana

Sorry Palm Angels but Mickey Rourke was the first one to implement this trend in reality. Create and then immediately kill it. On the other side, we have a very mysterious and purposeful look.


Let’s wait and see what the fashion world will show us in the terms of Funny Looks. Right now, this is what we have. If this little piece somehow raised your mood, I will look forward posting more.


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