Dolce & Gabbana: Era of Millennials

On January 14, Dolce & Gabbana presented their Fall/Winter 2017-18 Men’s Collection with organizing a “slightly” modest show. If we can name it so. This year’s hashtags were #DGMillennials#DGPrinces, and we definitely know why.

Social Media almost exploded with numerous posts of young celebrities partying backstage. Cameron Dallas, Lucky Blue Smith, Avan Jogia, Sofia Richi, and others were walking down the runway. One of the most popular viners Juanpa Zurita was also among those Millenials. I think I know what I should do: make vines. Why not? At some point, this show is what fashion business looks like. It is a quite smart but already used move, to gather the most popular celebrities that a lot of young people are following on social media, and transform it into a strong PR strategy. Nowadays, Dolce & Gabbana does not only present collection but also creates an impressive show that is becoming more popular on social media each year.

In order to boost interest among the social media users in the brand’s activities, Dolce & Gabbana started falling. Literally. Here is the video with Cameron Dallas and brand’s designers demonstrating as an example. As you can see by Dolce’s face expression, he does not quite understand what is going on. Neither do we, Dolce. Neither do we.

Now that we know what was happening on social media, let’s move on to the most important part of the show. The part without which this show would not take place. The collection.

113 looks were presented on the runway. It is quite an impressive number. However, quality over quantity, remember? Thanks to their official website, we know what was the inspiration behind this collection. This time without further ado they wrote

I NUOVI PRINCIPI (The New Principles)

Sometimes we do not need big words to describe a simple phenomenon. While looking through the collection we will understand how those images influenced the overall looks.

By the way, if your wondering who is the guy singing in the background than it is Austin Mahone. The End!


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